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What formats of publications are popular with readers

1. Newsjacking

What is newsjacking? It is the creation of material based on a high-profile news story that doesn't seem to concern you directly.

Creating such material is not an easy task. You need to pay for papers follow the news and be able to dissect it, that is, understand whether you can "pin" the news to your own business and its subject matter.

The easiest thing is when the news is indirectly related to your business. Let's say they passed a law about the transition of businesses from conventional cash registers to electronic cash registers. And you best essays for sale do cash registers, or taxes, or provide accounting services, or work in retail. Obviously, you may be an expert in this field. So write down what awaits businesses as a result of this new law, how taxation will change, how to do accounting now, how much it will all cost the average entrepreneur, and so on.


Any company is always researching something - the market, customers, trends. Share your findings with your readers.

3. Forecast

This is a column about how this or that industry will change in the future under the influence of some factors, new laws and so on.

For instance if you are in the tourism industry. Tell me how the flow of tourists will change, say, in the coming summer vacation season, due to the fact that they have closed flights to such and such destinations. Or what will be the prices at the most popular destinations, due to currency fluctuations. In general, there is a huge range of topics, practically an inexhaustible field for ideas. It is a very good and promising format for getting into the media with your publication.

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