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Yoga and meditation involve more than just a physical routine. Our world is full of external distractions and clutter, so cultivating inner peace is key. To achieve this, yoga and meditation can serve as a lifeline. 

Incorporating music into these practices has been shown to provide numerous benefits for both physical and mental health, making it a valuable healing tool. Today we're going to take a moment to discuss how to choose the most appropriate music for your yoga and meditation sessions.

A few scientific tips

According to research, music with a strong beat can synchronize brain waves and increase concentration and alertness. On the other hand, slow tempo music can create a calm and meditative state. The lyrics of the music also play a role in conveying the mental state of the listener. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, music can instantly help you relax during meditation. In addition, recent studies have revealed that music may have other health benefits, such as managing psychological stress and boosting the immune system.

Here are some examples of scientific research studies on the effects of music on mental state:

      “The Effects of Music on the Human Stress Response” (Porges et al., 2014) – This study found that listening to soothing music can help reduce stress and anxiety in individuals.

“Effects of Music on Psychological and Physiological Responses to Stress” (Lai et al., 2012) – This study found that listening to music can help reduce stress and improve mood, as well as lower blood pressure and heart rate.

 “Music Therapy as an Adjunct to Standard Treatment for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: A Randomized Controlled Trial” (Aalbers et al., 2017) – This study found that music therapy can be an effective adjunct to standard treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress.


Ambient music is a unique music genre that focuses on creating a specific atmosphere rather than following a traditional musical structure. It is an ideal music choice for meditation as it maximizes mental concentration and eliminates distractions that Mp3 download songs can interfere with your practice. Practitioners can focus only on their inner world and find the answers they seek without outside interference. The aesthetic beauty of ambient music enhances the meditative experience and provides an excellent stimulus for practice. It is particularly effective for individuals who struggle to maintain concentration during meditation, as it makes it easier to master this mental exercise in a short amount of time.

Foreign music

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