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Preview and keep track of your drawing history. Easily compare two or more AutoCAD files with the help of a powerful library view, and adjust the drawing as needed. (video: 1:37 min.)Adjust with confidence, even when working with 3D objects. Launch into the latest drawing by scrolling through design history and multiple drafting sessions in 2D or 3D. (video: 1:16 min.)Collaborate better than ever. Move and copy drawings between files, organize drawings, and work with comments in the same way as 2D drawings. (video: 1:28 min.)A great selection of updates and new features are designed to boost your productivity and make it easier than ever to get work done.MarkupA powerful library-viewing experience that lets you quickly and easily compare and refer back to your AutoCAD drawings.Changes to make your drawings look better and fit in better with the rest of your design work.Camera improvements to make your drawing more accurate and easy to handle.Freeform Dimensions for measuring anything on your drawing.Refinement and updating of the cross section toolbar and ribbon.A new Navigate command for working with 3D objects in 2D drawings.MarkupsWhen you move a part of a drawing from one drawing to another, you usually drag the part from one layer to the same layer in the receiving drawing.But what if you move the part into a different layer of the receiving drawing?It can be very frustrating to click a part of your drawing one more time and then again click the part to place it somewhere else on the drawing.Using the new Markups feature, you can now do that with a single click.NavigateYou can now navigate between drawing files in all 3D using the new Navigate commands. When you start to work on a 3D drawing, the Navigate 3D command opens a 3D Viewport with two drop-down menus.With the Design History tab selected, the left drop-down menu lists all the projects you have worked on.The right drop-down menu lists all the drawing sessions in your current project.You can jump from one session to another, and if you have finished the session, you can jump to a previous session.And when you are ready to move to a new session, you can scroll 2be273e24d


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